Fancy Sandwich Friday

Fancy a sandwich?  If you’re looking for some new ideas for making sandwiches more creative, delicious, healthy, or fun, you’ve come to the right place!

If you’ve got a blog, I’d love it if you’d link up one of your blog posts – present, past, (or even the distant past ) – that features a “fancy sandwich”, so we can all get some new sandwich ideas. Kids’ school lunches, lunches for work, a special recipe – if it’s a sandwich, it’ll work.  So come on, you talented sandwich makers, show us what you’ve got! ( directions below)

This idea for Fancy Sandwich Friday developed out of a  silly conversation I had with my son recently, who is a Julian Smith fan. Here’s a clip from one of his videos:

Here’s my own Fancy Sandwich – we had sandwiches for dinner last night, so I dressed mine up as a pig for the occasion : ) I can’t really take credit for the cute pig face – the idea came from this book – Yum Yum Bento Box.

The sandwich is my own recipe – Chicken BLTs with Pesto Cream Cheese, which is our family’s favorite sandwich. The recipe can be found here, and will also be featured in a cookbook that’s coming out next month, “Cooking With Trader Joe’s – Easy Lunch Boxes”.

The pig’s face is made from ham and nori, and the rest of the meal contained veggie crisps, cantaloupe stars and blueberries, and raw veggies. Do you see those teeny tiny yellow pear tomatoes, and the itty bitty purple radish? We grew them in our garden! I’ve been waiting all summer long for these – I planted them especially for bentos :)
I can’t wait for our purple carrots to get big enough to pick – can you just imagine what awesome lunches can be created with those babies?

Now if you’d like to link up your sandwich post, just click on the Add Your Link button, copy and paste the URL of the post you’d like to share, and follow the simple instructions – and thanks for joining in!


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