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  • Romantic Places to Eat in Utah County

    Romantic Places to Eat in Utah County

    Valentine’s Day will soon be here, and I decided that I wanted to share something a little different with you today – my list of the most romantic restaurants that we have to offer in our area. I live in Orem, Utah which is right smack dab in the middle of Utah County.  We are... Read More »Read More »

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  • Gluten Free Tollhouse-style Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Gluten Free Tollhouse-style Chocolate Chip Cookies

    I originally posted this recipe back on May 25, 2012. I decided to update some of the photos and links and share it with you again – my family’s all time favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe!   I have worked on perfecting this one for many years. I used to make these with bean flour, and... Read More »Read More »
  • Chef Salad with Chicken and Bacon

    Chef Salad with Chicken and Bacon

    I am on one big, fat salad kick this month, and if you follow my blog you know that already! Beneficial Bento’s Best Lunch Salads and Heart Beet Salad,  are just a few. And some of my most popular Pinterest pins right now are How To Make Your Own Salad Bar , How To Make Salad Stay Fresh... Read More »Read More »
  • Burrito Bowl Bento

    Burrito Bowl Bento

    Often you’ll hear me say that a bento can be put together in minutes – same as packing up a regular sandwich for lunch. Here is even more proof of that: I didn’t know what I was going to make for lunches today, but I already had a lot of things ready in the fridge... Read More »Read More »
  • Heart Beet Salad for Valentine’s Day

    Heart Beet Salad for Valentine’s Day

      Here is a pretty bento I made – just for myself! It’s healthy, diet-friendly, and delicious. Traditionally, Valentine’s Day = lots and lots of candy, just like so many other holidays now. One of the reasons making bento appeals to me is the opportunity to celebrate special events and holidays by making healthy food... Read More »Read More »
  • Weekly Food Prep 101

    Weekly Food Prep 101

    I’ve had some people ask me questions about how I do a weekly food prep, so I hope this post will help answer them. I got my inspiration to prepare lunches and snacks a week in advance from this awesome blog. (There’s lots of good info here – check it out!) My  reasons for doing a... Read More »Read More »
  • Cool Lunch Gear -Square Egg Molds

    Cool Lunch Gear -Square Egg Molds

      There are a lot of fun egg molds in bento-land – you can make eggs shaped like hearts, stars, fish, cars, flowers, and more. But our family’s favorite molds are these square egg molds, which you can buy for only $7.90 at Bento USA ( click on the picture to learn more):   My... Read More »Read More »
  • Beneficial Bento’s Best Lunch Salads

    Beneficial Bento’s Best Lunch Salads

      I have made a lot of salad bento over the years, and I’ve come up with a lot of  healthy salad recipes that have become staples in our house, so I’ve compiled a list of my 11 most-loved salad bento creations (in no particular order). But first, no post about salads would be complete... Read More »Read More »
  • Fit & Fresh Signature Collection Lunch Bags

    Fit & Fresh Signature Collection Lunch Bags

    I received the most beautiful gift from Fit & Fresh – this Signature Collection lunch bag! It’s a handy little lunch bag that is cleverly disguised as a lovely purse. It’s made from canvas and really nice faux leather, with a doctor’s bag style hinge that opens wide so you can easily find what you’ve... Read More »Read More »
  • Bagel Wreath Bento

    Bagel Wreath Bento

      I made this lunch for my husband, who really loves spicy food! It’s a bagel sandwich made from a toasted bagel, cream cheese, and sliced ham. It’s topped with a slice of provolone cheese with the center cut out with a small circle cutter, and a Christmas wreath made from diced jalapeno slices and... Read More »Read More »
  • Snowflake Sandwich Bento

    Snowflake Sandwich Bento

      Here is a lunch that I made for my son to take to work. I found a really cute cookie cutter set at Target that I used to make this easy ham and cheese sandwich, which I packed in my Fit&Fresh bento lunch kit, which you can find at their online store: On the... Read More »Read More »

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