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  • Christmas Sandwiches Bento

    Christmas Sandwiches Bento

          Here is a simple bento I made my little grandson in a Lunchbots Trio, which you can find here. This bento contains 2 little sandwiches – one peanut butter, and one cheese. For the peanut butter sandwich I cut out the top piece of bread with a tree cookie cutter, and sprinkled... Read More »Read More »

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  • 10  Healthy Snacks – 200 Calories or Less!

    10 Healthy Snacks – 200 Calories or Less!

    This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and it’s advertiser, but all opinions expressed are my own #LoveV8Protein #Collective Bias I have shown you how I pack lots of bento lunches, how I make my own salad bar and salad for the week, and some of my favorite recipes, but I haven’t shown you what I... Read More »Read More »
  • Best 20 Minute Dinners – Round-up

    Best 20 Minute Dinners – Round-up

      Do you ever have a Dinner Emergency? You know, when you thought you were going to have something for dinner but: a) it burned b) you were out of an important ingredient c) you forgot to put it in the slow cooker in time d) it didn’t get made because everyone was too busy... Read More »Read More »
  • Cucumber Christmas Wreath Bento

    Cucumber Christmas Wreath Bento

      Here is a really simple lunch I made for my son that I dressed up for Christmas with a wreath and two holly picks. I packed a salad with chicken chunks, kidney beans, corn, and cheese. I topped it with a spiral cut cucumber, which I cut using this tool: I used two holly... Read More »Read More »
  • Coming Soon -Guardians of the Galaxy!

    Coming Soon -Guardians of the Galaxy!

    This blog has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser, but the opinions expressed here are mine alone. #OwnTheGalaxy #CollectiveBias I have mentioned before that our family are big fans of all the Marvel movies. Well, the latest movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, is no exception – we’ve already gone to the theater to... Read More »Read More »
  • Fancy Sandwich Friday December 2014

    Fancy Sandwich Friday December 2014

      Hi Everyone! It’s the first Friday of the month, so it’s time for another Fancy Sandwich Friday! This lunch was made with my little grandson in mind. He’s 17 months old, and he loves to eat sandwiches! I made him a koala sandwich using my CuddlePalz sandwich cutter set.  If you are thinking of... Read More »Read More »
  • 20 Minute Italian Chicken with White Beans

    20 Minute Italian Chicken with White Beans

    I love italian food. I often crave something cheesy and tomato-saucy, with lots of basil and garlic – yum! And when I come up with something that’s all that plus healthy, then I know I have a winner. But if it can be cheesy, saucy, basil and garlicky, healthy AND can be made in 20... Read More »Read More »
  • Christmas Pita Sandwich Bento

    Christmas Pita Sandwich Bento

          Here’s a fun lunch I made for my son in a Lunchbots Bento Uno. It’s a simple tuna sandwich on pita bread, accompanied by a salad made from grape tomatoes, cucumber chunks, goat cheese, and my Italian Tomato Vinaigrette. On the other side I made a simple fruit salad from raspberries, pineapple,... Read More »Read More »
  • 20 Minute Chicken Tostadas

    20 Minute Chicken Tostadas

    Well, hello December! Time is just flying by! I wish I could just focus on all the fun activities that Christmas brings and somehow let the cleaning, laundry, and dishes just take care of themselves. You know what? If I could have any wish come true right now, it would be that there really are... Read More »Read More »
  • 3D Mini Gingerbread Houses – gluten free!

    3D Mini Gingerbread Houses – gluten free!

        I found the most ADORABLE little kitchen tool on this gem of a website, This site is a baker’s heaven, and I was so excited to see so many unique cookie cutters! You probably know by now that I rarely use cookie cutters for actual cookies – they are fantastic for making... Read More »Read More »
  • 20 Minute Cassoulet

    20 Minute Cassoulet

        Today is the day before Thanksgiving, which is a special Winget holiday known as “Pie Day” in our family If you want to know what Pie Day is, you can read about it here: Gluten Free Pie Crust Recipe. It will be a very busy day – shopping, baking, cleaning… and running to... Read More »Read More »

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