New Insulated Bento Bags for Sale in my Etsy Shop!

I’ve been cooking up some new lunch gear designs for my Etsy shop! I have 4 new lined and insulated bento bags that I designed to accommodate a taller bento box or a thermos. I needed something that I could keep taller containers standing upright, but I didn’t want there to be too much extra room for things to shift and slide around.

I also wanted a bag that was insulated so it could keep my food either warm or cool, so I lined them with Insul-Brite.

And I needed it to be easy to just toss in the wash, so the seams are all finished and reinforced.

As an added bonus, I discovered that with this design I have enough fabric left over to make a front pocket with a reversible cloth napkin :)

I’m really pleased with my new bento bags! They are easy to tuck into a big purse or a backpack, and I find that it’s really nice to have a cloth napkin handy. In fact, I have been enjoying using cloth napkins SO much, I’ve been thinking of selling them individually in my shop… (I’ll keep you posted on that idea)

If you are interested you can find these bags, along with other fun stuff, right here in my Etsy shop:

Beneficial Bento

Today’s lunch is chicken and mushroom meatballs (recipe found here), along with rice and a cute snail made of cheese, carrot, nori, and lettuce. On the side are some assorted fruits, veggies, and a laughing cow cheese.

Have a wonderful day  :)


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